The Malawi Election Information Centre (MEIC) is an Election Situation Room (ESR) and Citizens Journalism initiative for the 2014 Tripartite Elections in Malawi - funded by OSISA and Hivos.

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Welcome to the 2014 Malawi Tripartite Elections on May 20th, 2014.


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    Some of the candidates at the final Presidential Debate held at Victoria Hotel on May 6th, 2014.
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...the “eyes of the people”

Malawians have the opportunity to voice their views on all concerns
about the elections. Reporting on any events they deem important on ensuring a free, fair and credible elections come May 20th, 2014.

WHAT IS THE MALAWI Election Situation Room

Making Elections Count

Engaging the Electoral Process

The Malawi Election Situation Room (ESR) is an initiative that provides a platform where Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) collaborate on elections observation, monitoring, rapid response and proactive advocacy. This form of collaboration makes efficient use of resources and enhance CSO members’ capabilities to ensure a transparent, fair and peaceful tripartite election in Malawi.

ESR comprises of: the Steering Committee; the Expert Team; the Technology Team; the Data Officers and Observers, all of whom facilitate the operationalisation and management of data collection; analysis of information coming from the field, provide early warnings of problems, and immediate recommendations to ensure the credibility and success of the electoral process and coordination with other stakeholders, namely: MEC; Security Personnel; Political Parties; and the International Community.

Thus, the ESR combines election observation with real-time analysis and rapid response mechanisms for emergencies, to ensure that the election process is conducted in a free, fair and transparent manner in the eyes of the people.


Election Situation Room Guide

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MEIC is a coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
led by Malawi Electoral Support Network - MESN with common interests to collaborate on activities related to the 2014 Malawi Tripartite Elections, namely:

To support the Malawi Electoral Commission to manage the elections process to ensure its credibility and that the process is free, fair, and reflects the will of Malawians.

Provide the voter population with credible evidence-based information gathered by Observers on a real-time basis as events unfold on Election Day that will be used by experts to analyse existing situations at Polling Stations to keep the people informed and prevent rumour mongering that may result in violent behaviours – pre and post-election day.

To provide rapid response in elections emergency situations (i.e. informing MEC and the Police) that might affect the credibility of the electoral process.


Reliable, Timely, Evidenced Based and FREELY ACCESSIBLE Information for all Malawians.

100% Coverage

MEIC will collect and analyse information from all Polling Centres and Streams (Stations within a Centre) on a near real-time basis for analysis.

Evidence Based

MEIC will provide evidence-based information on incidences for rapid response through the ESR network of stakeholders including the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and Malawi Police Services.

Public Information

MEIC will be open to the media and public at large to source information on the voting process via our website.

Voter Verification

MEIC + GoToVote Campaign provide a simple and easy way to verify your voter registration using your mobile. Simply sms for free VOTE to 5VOTE.

Airtel + TNM

You are covered when accessing information from MEIC using your mobile. All SMS are FREE and mobile providers promise near 100% full coverage.

Shared Experience

Become a Citizen Journalist and share your experience using your mobile. Simply sms for FREE what you want to share to 5VOTE.


We strive to provide you the most reliable and trustworthy information during this Tripartite Elections

Profile photo of Dumase Zgambo-Mapemba - MEIC

Dumase Zgambo-Mapemba

Project Manager - Training and Media

Profile photo of Geof Chirwa - MEIC

Geof Chirwa

Project Manager - ICT

Profile photo of Levi Kabwato - MEIC

Aubrey Chikungwa

Project Manager - Media and Publicity

Profile photo of Dumase Zgambo-Mapemba - MEIC

Christine Malata

Project Assistant - Media and Publicity

Profile photo of Dumase Zgambo-Mapemba - MEIC

Ruth Masangano

Project Assistant - Operations and Administration


Here are answers to some questions we think you want to ask. Contact us using the form below, email or on social media if you have additional questions.

  1. What does 5VOTE mean?

    5VOTE is short for 58683, the short code to receive SMS requests for voter registration verification and citizen journalist reports.

  2. When do I start participating as a Citizen Journalist?

    Now. Citizens Journalism is available via SMS at 58683. Send information about what is happenning around you. Include your location information so we can verify your reports.

  3. What if my SMS is not acknowledged?

    It takes between 0-1 minutes, based on your coverage area, to get a response back from the system acknowledging your SMS was received. As long as there is coverage in your location, you will receive a reply.

  4. How often can I send an SMS?

    You can send as many SMS as you can to verify your voter registration or report incidents as a Citizen Journalist.

  5. How safe is my personal information sent to verify my registration?

    Very secure! We take the utmost security measures to ensure that your information is protected all through the process. The MEIC acts as a bridge to securely send your SMS request to the MEC and we securely deliver their response to you. Your requests are not stored and all personal identification information is masked through the process.

  6. How do I benefit through my participation?

    By participating and sending an SMS to the MEIC system, you will be contributing to all voters being well informed and to a free and fair election.

  7. Is my phone number going to be kept in your database?

    Absolutely Not!